The LEGO EV3 robotics course aims to allow children and even adults to be exposed to one of the simplest yet most powerful forms of robotics. The EV3 allows users to build and interact with the robot in a fun and exciting way. It enables the user to explore both mechanical and programming disciplines in robotics. In the EV3, there are various components such as the sensors that provide robots with information about their environment. With these sensors, robots can respond in various ways such as when being touched, reacting when something is too close or far, following a path or line, etc. Such components have enabled the EV3 robot to be able to be built in a wide array of applications that mimics real-life applications (such as the robotic arm, cars, and even pets). With a curious and open mind and an interest in robotics, children will be well-positioned to master the LEGO EV3 robotics.


  • Recommended Age: 9 years old and above

  • Class Size: Maximum 6 children

  • Course Duration: 120 minutes

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